Are you one of those people who's playing with the idea of religion, but you're unsure about this Jesus guy? Well what if instead of Jesus, it was Robocop? That should be enough to get any naysayer on board in full force behind the part-man, part-machine messiah.

Paul Verhoeven, who gets sidelined as "that guy who directed Showgirls" far too often, recently got together with MTV News to talk about the prospect of a Robocop reboot. In short, he's not too keen on it but shrugs it off as just another Hollywood grab at some money. Typical. The real interesting stuff comes when Verhoeven goes into a rant about how Robocop was first and foremost a Jesus corollary. From resurrecting to walking on water, Verhoeven makes a solid argument that his cyborg creation represents the son of God.

Now he's clearly not on anything and is generally calm and collected, but you can't help but think, "Is this dude crazy?" Regardless, forget that he's a little crazy and hopelessly devoted to his one bad film, and for the love of Robocop go watch his latest film Black Book. It didn't get enough attention when it was released so I'm getting on my soapbox for half a paragraph and telling you it was one of the best movies I saw in 2006.

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