With production set to begin soon, Entertainment Weekly reports that Andie MacDowell has joined the cast of Craig Brewer's upcoming remake of Footloose. In the film, MacDowell will play the wife of Reverend Shaw Moore, played by Dennis Quaid, who leads the charge to ban rock-and-roll music and dancing. In the original film, MacDowell's role was played by Dianne Wiest. Already cast in the film are Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough as the leads. The film is set to be released next April 1st next year.

MacDowell was a prominent face during the 90s, but it feels as though it has been forever since we've seen her in a major film. Fortunately for fans, it looks as though she is ready to make her comeback, both with this role and a role in the upcoming series Lone Star opposite Jon Voight. No time better than the present to break Hollywood's no-women-over-40 rule.

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