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So far the new Star Trek movie only had three chacters officially cast, and two of them are Spock. Zachary Quinto is playing young Spock, Leonard Nimoy is classic Spock, and Anton Yelchin is Chekov. According to TrekMovie, the next parts to get actor attachments may end up being Uhura and Sulu.

One of their scoopers caught up with Heroes star Jason Kyson Lee, who plays Hiro’s buddy Ando on the show, out promoting the new season of his series. Lee has already expressed interest in landing the part of Sulu in Trek, but this time when asked if he was going to be the new Sulu, he turned evasive. When pressed for information, his only response was “I don’t know!” That could mean several things. Could mean he has it, and he’s not allowed to talk about it. Could mean he’s in consideration for it and can’t talk about it. Could mean he has a cagey agent whose told him if he makes people question whether or not he’s in Star Trek it’ll get his name out there and raise his profile, even if he has nothing at all to do with the film. Since Zachary Quinto, who is confirmed as Spock, is his castmate on Heroes, it’s almost too cute to believe that good old Ando is in the same movie as Sylar.

While I love Lee as Ando on Heroes, it’s hard to imagine him taking on the part of the Enterprise’s mercurial helmsman. Lee is kind of puny, and Sulu was always the closest thing the original Trek had to a pumped up badass. Sulu likes fencing and martial arts, Lee looks like he enjoys butterfly collecting and long walks in the park.

TrekMovie’s other big casting rumor involves Uhura. They claim Zoë Saldana has been offered the part. If the name isn’t familiar, he face probably will be. She had a small part in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl as Anamaria and she’s been in movies like Drumline, Haven, and Guess Who where she co-starred as Ashton Kutcher’s love interest. She’s also one of the lead’s in James Cameron’s upcoming mega-blockbuster Avatar.

When it comes to Uhura, I think the only question we’re all asking is: How will she look doing a naked fan dance? The answer when it comes to Saldana is… really really good.

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