A few days ago I was ready to carve the tombstone for Sin City 2, convinced that the title's departure from Miramax meant that the long-developing project would never actually happen. But at Moviehole, Frank Miller fans never say die. They're hearing that Angelina Jolie is in "serious talks" to join the sequel, and add starpower that would doubtlessly get this thing moving at last.

Apparently this half of Brangelina is interested in the role of Ava, the femme fatale in Miller's "A Dame to Kill For" story. She'd be teamed up once again with Beyond Borders co-star Clive Owen, who plays her former lover and possible new flame Dwight McCarthy.

I'd brush off the Angelina rumors given her recent commitment to prestige fare and raising a gazillion babies, but she is touring the world right now as a spy in Salt, and seems to be interested in playing a variety of roles. Her participation would definitely mean a brighter future for Sin City 2. Now if only we knew if it were true.

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