It’s hard to figure out where Tom Cruise’s career is going these days. He hasn’t said or done anything really nutty in at least three weeks, plus he’s hilarious in Tropic Thunder. Still, he’s Tom Cruise, and you know some kind of nutbird comment is just rolling around in his head waiting for an opportunity to fly out and further damage his once golden touch. Not to worry, though, we’ve now found the one person that can be called on to replace Tom Cruise should the need arise. Of course, we are talking about Angelina Jolie.

Huh? Really, it’s not as crazy as you think. Well, it is pretty crazy, but it’s still being done. According to Variety, Cruise’s role in the thriller, Edwin A. Salt, will be taken over by Jolie. For those of you who haven’t quite caught on yet, Cruise is a man and Jolie is… not a man. They will reportedly re-write the script to put in things like “she” wherever it says “he” and give the lead character a more feminine name. I hope it becomes Edwina A. Salt, that would be funny.

The movie, written (and presumably re-written) by Kurt Wimmer, will still be directed by Phillip Noyce. He’ll just have to deal with a lead character that has boobs, which probably won’t be a big deal for him. The plot will still revolve around a CIA operative who is accused of being a Russian agent. Rumor is that if Jolie drops out, she will be replaced by a hermaphrodite.

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