Last night we posted an article about director Darren Aronofsky's next move, and today we have a similarly filmed story about another filmmaker who recently dropped a high profile project: David O. Russell. After he dropped Uncharted: Drake's Fortune from his schedule there has been much speculation as to what his next film would be, as his name had been mentioned in connection to 2 Guns, Cocaine Cowboys, a Russ Meyer biopic, The Fighter 2, and The Silver Linings Playbook. Now a new story may suggest that he's leaning towards the last title on that list.

Gossip site Just Jared has learned from an unnamed source that Angelina Jolie is scheduled to meet with Russell about a role in The Silver Linings Playbook. Already starring Mark Wahlberg, the film is an adaptation of the Matthew Quick novel about a former high school teacher who is released from a mental institution after four years and goes back to live with his mother. Believing that he's only been away for a few months, he tries to reconcile his relationship with his ex-wife. The role Jolie would be playing isn't specified, but one can presume that she would be playing the ex-wife.

While the Jolie side of the story is purely speculative, this project seems much better suited for Russell than Uncharted. The tone seems to match the director's sensibilities seen in movies like Flirting With Disaster and I Heart Huckabees. Then again I would just be happy with anything as long as it's not an unnecessary sequel to The Fighter.

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