It seemed for a while that we would finally be replacing Angelina Jolie as the go-to A-list female action star, given that she seemed more focused on heavy dramatic roles and raising 6 kids than toting guns and wearing leather (Wanted, of course, being the one exception). But apparently Angie hasn't gotten it all out of her system, and according to THR, she's eyeing the lead role in The Tourist, an action movie that until recently had Charlize Theron as the female lead.

Jolie jumping in would mean the entire project has been recast, as Sam Worthington replaced Tom Cruise in the lead male role earlier this year, and director Bharat Nalluri has bailed as well. Usually when the cast changes around so much it indicates that something has gone wrong (see this year's State of Play for proof), but Jolie's participation would instantly make it an A-list project, and she definitely doesn't need the work. But Worthington is as big a rising star as it gets, so maybe Jolie sees something here everyone else doesn't. Her camp hasn't yet confirmed that she'll be taking part, but there seems to be a pretty good chance that we'll have her kicking ass in both The Tourist and the Wanted sequel that she'll somehow be a part of.

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