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It’s really to early to be certain that Ghostbusters 3 is really happening, but whether it ‘ll ever truly finally be made or not there’s been a lot of movement on the project. They may even be thinking about casting.

If it gets done the original cast is likely to be back, but they’ll be supplemented with a new group of ghost fighters. We’ve already told you about the rumors that Bill Hader and Will Forte could be involved. Here’s another possible casting addition: Anna Faris.

What’s Playing was able to confirm the studio’s interest in Forte and Hader, and now also says they’ve heard rumors that the Scary Movie star could be on the Ghostbusters 3 radar. To be clear though, unlike Forte or Hader they were unable to get any real confirmation from Sony Pictures of her involvement. They didn’t deny it exactly, they just didn’t confirm her either.

Anna Faris is kind of a Hollywood, funny chick default, so I guess it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were at least looking at her for a female role in the film. She has her place but, this is Ghostbusters 3 dammit, you’d think they could do better. You’d like to think the GB3 team is aiming higher than SNL alums and parody movie leftovers.

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