We've seen Anna Kendrick as the bright upstart infringing on George Clooney's territory in Up In The Air, as a scolding sister in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and a valedictorian in the Twilight franchise, but how about Anna Kendrick as a goth kid? That may very well happen if she chooses to sign on for Pitch Perfect.

THR reports that Kendrick is now in very early talks for the lead role in the Jason Moore-directed a cappella movie based on the nonfiction book by Mickey Rapkin. Kendrick will play a loner who hates that she's at a school where her father is a professor. One day she discovers that she actually has a great singing voice and "becomes the secret weapon for the school’s female a cappella group." It was previously reported that Rebel Wilson, Kristen Wiig female roommates in Bridesmaids, has already signed on to the film as the leader of the group. The project is scheduled to begin production in New Orleans this fall.

Can Anna Kendrick actually sing? I'll admit that I haven't seen every movie in the actresses filmmography, but I don't seem to remember any moments were she belts out a number in the movies I have watched. As talented an actress as she may be and as valuable her name is, I somehow doubt that a studio would hire her for this kind of role unless she had something close to resembling a natural singing voice. Dubbing is easy, but why not go for the real thing?

UPDATE: Reader Swan_Song12 has pointed out that not only can Kendrick sing, but that she is one of the youngest Tony Award nominees of all time for her performance as Dinah in Broadway's High Society. While it's from a different show, check out the video of Kendrick singing below:

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