We'll have more Anne Hathaway later today, with the first images from her fall film Love and Other Drugs emerging online, but right now let's look even further into the future for what Hathaway might do next. According to The Wrap Fox Searchlight is looking into distributing Lola Versus, a romantic comedy that is likely to star Hathaway-- the actress is in negotiations to play the lead role.

There's not much information on the story itself, but the script is written by Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones, who also collaborated on last year's indie Breaking Upwards. Separately the two have another project also headed for Searchlight; Deadline reports that the studio has picked up their pitch Motherfucker, about a guy who meets his girlfriend's parents only to fall in love with her mom.

There's pretty much nothing but good news here-- Hathaway is a strong actress who needs to seek out better roles and avoid something like Bride Wars forever and ever, Searchlight is a studio known for keeping an eye out for upcoming talent, and Lister-Jones and Wein are precisely the kind of indie-pedigreed people who could benefit hugely from working with a studio like Searchlight. On a day when we're also reading about Universal sinking $200 million into the Battleship movie (more on that later too), it's nice to read about indie movies getting made at all.

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