Injuries are probably par for the course for stuntmen and women, especially those who specialize in hand to hand combat. But there's got to be some kind of special bragging right for being injured by Catwoman. According to Fox News Anne Hathaway got a little too into her character of Selina Kyle on the set of The Dark Knight Rises and ended up giving a stuntman a "massive black eye" after accidentally shoving the butt of a gun into his eye socket.

Hathaway, ever gracious and good at PR, was reportedly "mortified," and offered the stuntman an apology gift: a silver pen with the inscription "Remember no-one packs a punch like Anne." It's unclear exactly how this story managed to leak out of the set, given how ridiculously secretive the shoot has been so far-- they're currently shooting in England but we don't know why, much less the details behind whatever fight scene Hathaway was involved in. Of course, you might have the chance to get some insider detail-- as we reported on Monday, Pittsburgh area residents are being asked to fill in as extras during shooting dates starting July 28, playing "prisoners/thugs, guards, police officers, business men & women and sports fans." And the best part is, as an extra, you probably don't run the risk of getting clocked by Anne Hathaway .

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