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When Warner Bros. made the official announcement that Anne Hathaway was joining the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, they announced her as playing Selina Kyle. Kyle is the name of the woman beneath Catwoman’s mask which left everyone wondering whether she’ll actually get in the Catwoman costume or will she just be some chick in a pencil skirt with a strange affinity for cats?

Anne sort of answered the question for herself earlier today on Oprah while talking up the job she did hosting the Oscars last night. I say sort of because it’s not as if she looked at the camera and said she’d be wearing the costume. But while talking about her part in Batman she repeatedly refers to the character she’s playing as “Catwoman” and at one point even waves her hands around and shouts “I am Catwoman!” It seems a pretty good indicator that she’ll be doing more than just playing that crazy cat lady named Selina from apartment 2B down the hall. Here’s the full, one-minute Oprah clip. Glean from it what you will:

With or without this clip, I don’t think there’s really any reason to doubt that Hathaway will actually get to purr in Dark Knight Rises. This is reportedly Christopher Nolan’s last Batman film and in light of that, nothing else really makes sense. It’s not like he can introduce Selina and turn her into Catwoman in the next film. There’s only one reason to have her, and that’s if Anne Hathaway gets to go full cat.

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