Don't know why the team behind The Lovely Bones has decided today is the day we'll all talk about, since the movie doesn't come out until December. But just hours after Empire Online debuted the first image from the movie, USA Today has gotten their hands on another (click the link for the full-size version of what you see above)..

I've got to say, it's a more interesting image as well. The Empire photo seemed to show director Peter Jackson's version of heaven, where Saoirsie Ronan's character Susie winds up when she is murdered at the beginning of the book (no, that is not a spoiler). But the one that USA Today ran shows Stanley Tucci as the girl's murderer, a neighbor who is really into building dollhouses (warning sign #1, obviously). The endlessly versatile Tucci appears to have a full head of blond hair in this one, as opposed to the bald pate we all know and love.

USA Today also has an extensive interview with Jackson, which you can read here. He says that The Lovely Bones was the hardest film he's ever made, which seems crazy to me, given that this is the guy who spent years making all three Lord of the Rings movies. But a movie about a murdered girl is probably no cakewalk either, so fair enough.

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