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Of all the superheroes ever put to the pages of a comic book Batman has, without question, the most interesting and extensive rogue’s gallery of foes, nemeses, and all around bad guys. Harley Quinn, Clayface, Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Man Bat, Toyman; the list is endless. So of course for the movies, we’re just going to recycle the same villains over and over and over again.

Look I’ll give Chris Nolan the re-use of The Joker. He’s The Joker. He’s Batman’s chief foe and he has a place in any and every Batman incarnation in the same way that Lex Luthor must be involved in any Superman movie. And let’s go ahead and pretend that Batman & Robin never existed, thus freeing up Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane for use in a future feature film. But do we really need to do the Riddler again when there are so many other untapped possibilities? Comic Book Movie says yep and claims that’s exactly where the third Batman movie is headed.

Of course Batman 3 rumors are literally a dime a dozen, so consider this wild, unfounded gossip until there’s something official. But they’re touting Warner Bros. source who says the Batman 3 script being written will feature the Riddler as its primary villain. Other juicy highlights from their rumor claim that classic villains like the Penguin and Mr. Freeze will cameo, Barbara Gordon (who later becomes Batgirl) will have a featured role, Commissioner Gordon will reference Metropolis and Lex Luthor (WB has been promising to tie their superhero universes together), and Dick Grayson may be in the movie though probably not as Robin.

It’s all completely unverified information so be ready to flush it down a hole with all the other fake Batman info we’ve gotten over the past few months. Still, it’s fun food for thought. If they do go Riddler, who would you want to see playing him? You can probably guess who I’m rooting for. Somebody call David Tennant.

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