Now that Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Narnia have breathed life into the fantasy genre on film, it looks like Hollywood is ready to kill it again. Eragon opens this weekend and it's getting the kind of heinous reviews usually reserved for Uwe Boll flicks.

There are more confirmed fantasy stinkers on the way. Mr. Boll for instance has one he's working on and now Variety says Laurence Dunmore, who directed the truly bad Johnny Depp movie The Libertine is planning on helming a coming-of-age movie about Sir Galahad's quest for the Holy Grail. It's been given the title Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad, a name better suited for an unsuccessful role playing game than an actual movie.

So what could he possibly do with the Arthurian legend that hasn't already been done before? His producer Gale Anne Hurd says, "Laurence's vision for the film is modern in its approach yet steeped in the timelessness of this compelling classic." So it will be really new but also completely old. Why bother speaking if you're not actually going to say anything? What ever happened to "no comment�"

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