I really want to get excited about the new, Steve Carell voiced animated movie Despicable Me. But their advertising campaign is as confusing as it is weird. Each teaser is stranger than the last and none of them really seem to bear any resemblance to the other. Today there’s a new one, which features none of the stuff or for that matter characters you saw in the first two teasers. Instead it’s two, seemingly unrelated characters standing in front of a blank background engaging in mildly amusing. Honestly they don’t even look like they’re from the same movie, the animation style isn’t all that similar. I’m sure they fit into the movie somewhere, maybe as rival mad scientists for Gru’s character, but there’s simply no way to know what the hell’s going on from the trailer.

Check out the new, weird teaser for Despicable Me in HD on Yahoo or watch it below.

UPDATE! Universal Pictures just emailed us to explain exactly who these strange little buggers in the teaser are. Here's how they describe them:
No villain – even the world’s (second) greatest villain – can do everything by himself. So it comes as no surprise that Gru has an entire army of not-so-bright Minions to help him carry out his diabolical plans... unless of course, they get their hands on a Moo Cow Toy! Hardworking and devoted to their leader and his mad exploits, the Minions are content to serve as his crash test dummies along the way. After all, Gru is planning the biggest heist in the history of the world…to steal the moon!

These little buggers even have their own poster. Check it out:

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