Anthony Hopkins is set to star in a movie about sexual encounters. There, you've been warned-- you're welcome to keep reading or to go focus on something else to get the image of the 73-year-old Hopkins in a sexual encounter out of your head. Still with me? OK. Deadline confirms rumors from earlier in the week that Hopkins has joined Rachel Weisz in the cast of 360, which consists of a series of interlocking stories about sexual encounters and infidelity. The gimmick is that one person in the romantic pair at the center of each story will also be at the center of the next story with a different person, until it all becomes a full circle.

And no, it doesn't seem Hopkins and Weisz will be involved in the film, at least not directly. Hopkins will play a character on a trip to find his missing daughter, only to be sidetracked by a romance with a woman he meets on a plane. Fernando Meirelles, who last made Blindness and also directed Weisz in The Constant Gardener, will be directing the film, which starts production early next year in Europe. It's good to see Hopkins on board a project with such promise, especially for those of us who saw him bare a hairy chest in The Wolfman. Actually, after that experience, watching Hopkins join the mile-high club-- or whatever his character gets up to-- will feel downright tame. Bring it on.

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