Antonio Banderas is set to star in The Big Bang which is not a movie in which he becomes so sexy that he finally explodes, nor is it a film in which he plays a cliché nerd living in an apartment with a bunch of other cliché nerds across the hallway from a ditzy hot chick. Though cast Antonio Banderas in either of those movies, and that’s something I have to see.

No Variety says this Big Bang has Banderas doing something almost equally cool. It’s a neo-noir detective story. What the hell is neo-noir? Did you see Brick? Dark City? Neo-noir. It’s noir of the 40s and 50s done up with modern elements. It’s also almost always, very very cool.

In the film, Banderas will play a Los Angeles private dick hired to find a missing stripper. See? Neo-noir. You’d never catch Fred MacMurray running around town after a stripper. Banderas will follow a trail of dead bodies into the New Mexico desert where he’ll face off with a Russian boxer, an aging billionair, a physicist, and johnny law. Hopefully, he’ll also wear a cool hat. Good noir should always involve a fedora.

It’s directed by Tony Krantz, who once directed a straight to video movie called Otis. It’s not about elevators.

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