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Hollywood may be completely obsessed with 3D right now, but it is far from a new technology. Filmmakers have been using stereoscopy for nearly a century, the first presentation of 3D being recorded in 1915. But if you hate 3D and you're in need of some new talking points (and don't really care about rationality or reason), I'm happy to deliver: apparently the Nazis made 3D movies too.

NineMSN has learned that documentary filmmaker Philippe Mora has discovered two black-and-white Nazi propaganda movies that were shot and presented in three dimensions. Mora found the movies while doing research in the Berlin Federal Archives for his newest doc, How the Third Reich Was Recorded, an examination of the Nazi's use of manipulating images. The two films are titled So Real You Can Touch It and Six Girls Roll Into Weekend; one shows bratwursts cooking on a grill while the other features two actors from the Universum Film Studio.

I can hear Glenn Beck now: "You know how all of these 3D movies have been coming out under the Obama administration? Well, you know who else had 3D movies? The Nazis!!!!"

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