Turn over the page on your Dilbert desk calendar and check out the date. It’s April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day, and that means for the next 24 hours you probably shouldn’t believe anything you read on the internet. In fact the year’s biggest pranks day is only a few minutes old on America’s east coast and already the web’s bloggers have made the transition to merry jokesters, to begin deluging you with silly tricks and nonsense.

We here at Cinema Blend, though, are never out to fool you. So rather than inventing our own pranks, we’re going to do our best to help you navigate the dangerous April Fool’s waters by exposing the holiday’s online silliness. Consider this a public service. Below is a listing of all the April 1st entertainment stories which we’ve confirmed to be April Fool's prankery. If you’re wondering whether that story you’ve just read about Nic Cage playing Moses in an outer-spaced themed remake of The Ten Commandments is real or not, then check here to see if we have it on our naughty list. We’ll keep updating this page with pranks as they appear and we find them throughout the day today on April 1st. Check back regularly and of course, if you’ve spotted any we missed, let us know in the comments section!

IESB: Summit Rebooting The Twilight Franchise
We've seen a lot of horrible ideas pitched into the universe today, but this is by far the most wretched. The one okay thing about the Twilight franchise is that there are only four books, meaning that we won't have to suffer those awful Twihards for much longer. The idea of rebooting and making another series of films would make suicide seem rational.

MovieWeb: Avatar Sequel to Be Titled Avatar: Na'vi - World Infinity
This late in the day and we're only getting to the Avatar pranks now? I must say people have shown an incredible amount of restraint. That or all the good Avatar jokes have been used up.

Reel Empire: Wayans Brothers Making Twilight Spoof
As much as I love a good joke at the expense of the Twilight franchise, I don't think the Wayans Brothers are the ones to do it. Mostly because I said "good" joke.

FilmDrunk: Clash of the Titans To Partner With Mac’s Pork Skins
At first glance this seems like a joke coming out of left field, then the last line comes: "RELEASE THE CRACKLIN’S!”

IGN: Halo Movie Trailer
Yep, the wait is over! Halo is finally becoming a movie! Only... it's a Bollywood movie. The horror.

Bloody Disgusting: Franken Beryy, Boo Berry and Count Chocula Movies In Development
Hey, we're already making tons of movies out of action figures. Breakfast cereals can't be too far behind.

Blue Sky Disney: The Walt Disney Company Changing Its Name To The Disney Company
The irony of this one is that if it were actually true, I'm not sure it would be worth reporting.

Fox Searchlight: Little Miss Sunshine And Garden State To Be Converted Into 3D
Even the studios are getting in on the game! It's actually kind of a relief to see them make this a joke, since now we can know for sure that they won't actually do it. God, we hope that's true.

XMenFilms: X-MEN 4 Signs Director For June 2012 Release
They claim the guy who helmed Repo Men has been put in charge of the X-Men franchise. I'm pretty sure Fox can do better.

SFX: Lost Crossover To Resurrect FlashForward’s Fortunes
FlashForward would make a lot more sense with a magic, hellmouth island.

ABC: ABC Announces New Shows
Tune in for such gems as The Blind Sayid, Grey's Astronomy, New Extreme Wipeout (now with sharks), FlasherForward, W (the series that happens after V.

Klik.tv: Ris Low Announces That She's Starring In Transformers 3
Some girl no one has ever heard of says she's doing the next Transformers. Hey, I didn't say we'd only list the good pranks.

Club Jade: Lucasfilm Planning A Series Of Jar Jar Binks Detective Novels
This would have been even better if they'd found some way to photoshop Jar Jar Binks into a Bogart-style fedora.

Game Rant: Matthew Fox Cast In Mass Effect Film
The tricksters at Screen Rant have expanded the madness into games. We don't know nearly enough about video games to know if this is a logical casting choice or not; we're just glad it's not true so we can get a bit of a Matthew Fox breather post-Lost.

Reel Empire: J.J. Abrams Planning A Lost Movie
This is a perennial April Fool's gag, since Lost fans are so hooked they might convince themselves it could be real.

Reel Empire: Gerard Butler Says He's Bisexual!
Sure Jennifer Aniston's hot and all, but he just couldn't take his eyes off his stunt double's butt.

Reel Empire: Lady Gaga Starring In Madonna Biopic
It's a joke today-- but don't surprised if one day it becomes a reality.

The Film Stage: Gaspar Noe Directing Garfield Reboot
Because Garfield jokes-- jokes about Garfield, that is-- never stop being funny.

Screen Rant: Twilight: Breaking Dawn To Be Rated R And Without Taylor Lautner
This one is actually subtle enough that it could somehow be true, but come on, Summit Entertainment would give Taylor Lautner $30 million and a personal harem before letting him leave that franchise.

Screen Rant: Michael Cera Cast As The Flash
From the double-dippers at Screen Rant, it's your standard April Fool's Day prank of "put this unlikely actor in this role!" but they get bonus points for the Photoshop.

FusedFilm.com: Zachary Levi Cast As The Flash
Apparently The Flash is the superhero of choice to mess with today. Zachary Levi would be a better choice than Cera to be sure, but still Chuck doesn't have the job for now.

Eddegg.com: Bedknobs And Broomsticks 2 Trailer
Not likely to fool anyone, but only because they're more interested in being hilarious. Enjoy the Monty Python-like voicevoer.

Bloody Disgusting: Tim Burton Re-imagining Little Shop of Horrors
BR does a great job of making their story convincing by wrapping the story inside a legitimate rant about Tim Burton's disappointing career path. They also include lots of great little details, like a hilarious fake quote from Johnny Depp, and the idea that the whole thing will be stop-motion.

Giant Freakin Robot: Eddie Murphy To Replace Michael Jackson As Captain EO
If Disney really were turn Captain EO into a feature film, Eddie Murphy kind of makes sense. It's EO as a movie that seems like utter April Fool's madness.

Den of Geek: Zac Efron To Remake Rocky IV
The best thing about this incredibly nightmarish scenario is that they aren't just remaking Rocky, just the fourth installment. The team-up of Joel Schumacher and Efron is too horrible for words, but turning Apollo Creed into a white lady possibly played by Hilary Swank pushes it over the edge.

ThinkGeek: Own Your Own Monolith Action Figure!
ThinkGeek puts a whole host of fake products up for sale every April Fool's day. This year my favorite is a 2001: A Space Odyssey action figure crafted in the likeness of the monolith. Watch it... sit there ominously.

FilmSchoolRejects: 80s Stories!
FSR has gone through a lot of trouble for their awesome prank, populating their entire website with nothing but 80s stories. Harold Ramis, Ray Harrhausen, and Mel Brooks are newsworthy again!

JoBlo: Jason Reitman And George Clooney Remaking Vertigo
If it weren't April 1st, this story might seem credible. But JoBlo offers no source for the story and the time stamp reads April 1. That makes this a creatively credible seeming hoax.

JoBlo: Edgar Wright Teams Up With Pixar For Astonishing Ant Man
This one will fool a lot of people, since at one point Wright really was supposed to be doing Ant Man. But JoBlo claims the info comes from a press release sent out this morning, even though the story was posted in the middle of the night. We're not buying it guys!

IESB: Depp To Join Burton For Mister Rogers Film
They’ve even gone through the trouble to photoshop Johnny into a sensible, red, zip-up Mr. Rogers sweater.

IESB: Eddie Murphy To Star In Leonard Reboot
The way Eddie Murphy’s career has been going lately, this seems totally believable. He’ll do anything. In this case, he’s not really remaking Bill Cosby’s failed spy comedy, but nobody would be surprised if this prank accidentally comes true.

IESB: Robert Rodriguez Rebooting Terminator Franchise!
He’s already rebooting one Schwarzenegger franchise with Predators, so this one almost makes sense. But don’t worry, after what McG did to Terminator in Salvation, this is one franchise Hollywood’s leaving alone.

IESB: Hugh Laurie As J. Jonah Jameson In The Spider-Man Reboot
I know it's a prank but, seriously, I could see that. Hey Marc Webb, if you're not bringing J.K. Simmons back, why not make this prank a reality?

Oscilloscope Laboratories: Oscilloscope Acquires Woody Allen's Bananas
Oscilloscope is mostly known for distributing tricky indies like The Messenger and The Thorn in the Heart, but they're also run by Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, and clearly have a sense of humor. They sent out this entire press release as a PDF-- check it out below.

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