For years, it looked like both Nicolas Cage and director David Gordon Green had completely given up on producing moving and emotionally gratifying features, and along comes the dark drama Joe to stand out as a tense return to fine form for both men. Add to that combination one of Mud's breakout talents, Tye Sheridan, and the semi-tragic story of co-star Gary Poulter, a local homeless man whose years of substance abuse gave him the authenticity that Green wanted for Sheridan’s abusive father. Poulter’s performance has been praised by many who caught Joe on its ongoing festival run, but this will be his only one, as he died two months after production.

Joe (Cage), an ex-con who has learned to control his anger issues, hires teenager Gary (Sheridan), who starts looking to Joe as a misplaced role model as a way of avoiding his own awful home life. Wade (Poulter) is the abusive ingrate catalyst in this story, as Joe reaches a crossroads where he must decide between looking out for his own well-being, or for Gary’s, where both options come with severe consequences. You don’t even need to watch the trailer to understand this isn’t a movie that ends on all the characters rolling barrels of pennies over to the penny candy store.
Director: David Gordon Green
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan, Gary Poulter
Release Date: April 9

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