Archie Comics was in the news recently when perennial bachelor Archie, who had been locked in a 60-year love triangle between girl next door Betty and rich girl Veronica, decided to pop the question to Veronica. But before that, when was the last time a major segment of the population actually cared about the ageless comic book hero?

Creative Arts Agency is going to make it their business to make sure we all do. According to Variety the talent agency has signed a deal with Archie Comics Publications that's apparently similar to the one they struck with Mattel, which provided film and television opportunities to the longstanding series. But it won't just be Archie and friends who are part of the deal-- Archie Comics also owns Josie and the Pussycats, who already got their own movie, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who really deserved one back in the 90s.

Will this move make Archie hip again? Who knows-- I never would have predicted a Candyland movie either. But if the move to have Archie propose is tied in with this big grab for movie legitimacy, then well played, Archie Comics. You're craftier than I would have given you credit for.

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