Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire regularly make lists of "most promising young actors," or at least they have at various points in the decade, when they weren't getting stuck in stuff not up to their talents. But there's one way to at least try to guarantee making a movie that's worthy of you, and that's remaking a classic. Are DiCaprio and Maguire crazy enough to try and remake The Third Man?

CHUD.com thinks so. Reporting the news as nothing more than a rumor, based on not a whole lot of evidence, they're reporting that DiCaprio and Maguire will star in the film, with Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight writing the screenplay. No director is on board, possibly because no one has the balls to try it. I mean, people flip when you try and redo The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Remember when Michael Bay was trying to produce a remake of The Birds, and the world flipped? You simply do not mess with classics.

Then again, DiCaprio and Maguire are both capable actors, and it's been over 60 years since the original film noir, about an American wrapped up in a fake murder case and a conspiracy in destroyed post-war Vienna. Could a modern update, in a modern war-torn city like Baghdad, Kabul or even New Orleans, be different enough to make it worthwhile? If the project ever actually comes to fruition, or if it's even actually happening, I guess we'll worry about it then.

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