Hopefully more people than just me and The Film Experience's Nathaniel have noticed that Ari Graynor ought to be in every movie from now on. She stole every scene of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and was a key, if underutilized, part of Whip It, and I hear she's great in the Sundance film Holy Rollers too. If I had my way she'd star in every comedy made in the next year, but I guess I can settle for another bound-to-be-hilarious supporting role too.

THR reports that Graynor and White Collar's Matt Bomer are joining What's Your Number?, the romantic comedy already starring Anna Faris and future Captain America Chris Evans. Graynor will play the sister of Faris's character, who decides to find Mr. Right among previous boyfriends and hookups in order to avoid sleeping with someone new. Bomer plays the "dream guy," though since Evans is a bigger star, we can only assume she'll wind up with Cap in the end.

Given how long Faris spent playing the "hilarious supporting character" in various bland comedies, it seems kind of appropriate that she team up with Graynor now that she's got a lead role of her own. Will some of Faris's career charm rub off on Graynor now? We can only hope.

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