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Aside from producing Ninja Assassin, the Wachowskis have largely been keeping to themselves lately, presumably not in retirement but also keeping mum on exactly how they would follow up Speed Racer. And while we, the public, may still have no idea what they've got planned, Arianna Huffington sure does.

The founder of The Huffington Post and general political punditry icon was tweeting today from some kind of set in Chicago, where she's taking part in "the Wachowskis' movie on Iraq from the perspective of the future." Slashfilm picked up on the photos and tried to figure out what might be happening, and the best anyone can figure, it's test footage for some new movie they're planning-- possibly the adaptation of The Cloud Atlas, or possibly something completely new.

What may be the most interesting thing about the photos, on a pure human-interest level, is they seem to be among the first real images of Lana Wachowski, the new identity of the former Larry Wachowski following a sex-change operation. I've avoided calling the Wachowskis by their former moniker The Wachowski Brothers for a while now, but given these images there really seems to be no choice-- siblings they are, brothers they are not.

Check out Arianna's crazy hairdo and a few images (with Arianna's own captions) below. It would be nice if the Wachowskis weren't such recluses that they could clear up this confusion on their own Twitter feeds, but I'm betting this is the last we hear of this project for months and months. I'm amazed they even let Huffington release the photos.

With Lana Wachowski and her parents

Profile shot from the futuristic movie on Iraq.

It’s a wrap! With Andy and Lana Wachowski at the end of a great shoot

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