I hate to say it, but the titular character in Gore Verbinski's upcoming adaptation of The Lone Ranger may be a thankless role. Johnny Depp has been attached as Tonto for ages and it was previously confirmed that the hero-sidekick dynamic will be flipped, putting the masked cowboy in the passenger's seat. That said, it still is a high profile gig - working alongside Depp alone assures that - and it would be a perfect fit for a young, up-and-coming actor. Hence why this is great news.

Deadline has learned that Armie Hammer has entered negotiations to star as The Lone Ranger. The story is quite slim on details and doesn't go much further than saying that the talks are still at the nascent stages. Hammer, one of the most in-demand actors following his critically lauded performance in David Fincher's The Social Network, has quite the full plate at the moment, but seeing as production isn't scheduled to begin until next year he should be able to make it work into his schedule.

The Social Network was easily my favorite film of last year and every single actor in the cast deserves credit, recognition, and work, particularly Hammer, who pulled double-duty as both Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. This project would be perfect for him, earning him attention in demographics that didn't pay enough attention to Fincher's film, and could easily launch him on to the A-list.

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