Last month, the first rumors began that Mad Men's Jon Hamm was up for the role of Superman in the reboot being developed by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer. This was weeks before the announcement that Zack Snyder would be directing and the comments about the film focusing on the early days of the character, but it was still brushed off as being ridiculous. Why? Because Hamm would be the oldest person to play the Man of Steel by more than a decade. Now those rumors are beginning to seem a little more realistic.

New York Magazine recently sat down with The Social Network's Armie Hammer to discuss his role in the David Fincher film when the topic of the superhero came up. Previously cast as Batman in the Justice League movie that never came to fruition, Hammer has been mentioned by many as a potential new Superman. According to Hammer, his people have been looking into the possibility of him playing the role of Superman, but they have been told that he is too young for the part and that they are looking for someone between the ages of 35 and 40.

As I mentioned when the first rumors popped up, Hamm talked about potentially playing the role back in February, but said that he had trouble wrapping his head around the character because of his invincibility and lack of flaws. Now knowing that they are going for an older actor for the role, do you think he'll change his mind? I've long supported the idea of Hamm as Superman, but I'm curious to hear what you think. Sound off in the comments section.

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