Well, at least not in the “full time” sense that some people were expecting from the ex-governor once he finished his term in office. Not that this is a huge shocker or blow to the film industry--he’s 53 years old and out of shape from all the desk work--but it might not have been bad to see him return to his old ways.

Twins and Kindergarten Cop director Ivan Reitman spoke to EW about a recent chat he had with his former co-worker and has some interesting things to say about the conversation:
I had a lovely talk with him about a month ago, and my guess is he will continue in government work. He’s joked around about coming back to acting, but I think really he would like to do something serious.”

This of course doesn’t mean we’ll never see the Terminator himself on screen again. While in office he appeared in The Expendables in a small role, and while he will continue doing government work for public policy, he may very well step into similar roles guiding apprehensive leads on their road to badassery.

This isn’t first hand information from Schwarzenegger’s mouth, but it all makes good sense. More on this as it comes to us.

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