Arnold Schwarzenegger might be out of public office, but that doesn't mean he's not still open to a scandal. One of the bigger news stories of the last few days has been the actor/former governor's separation from wife Maria Shriver and the revelation that he fathered a son with an employee 10 years ago that he has kept a secret. Considering he's trying to get back into acting, this isn't exactly the best time for these kinds of stories to be emerging so Schwarzenegger has made a wise decision.

MSNBC has received a statement from CAA, the agency that represents Schwarzenegger, that says that the actor will be putting his comeback on hold while he deals with his family issues. This includes both Cry Macho, a drama about an aging horse trainer, and Terminator 5, which Fast Five director Justin Lin is attached to helm. Furthermore, any projects "under consideration" will not be dealt with until the Governator decides the time is right.

Considering that she just secured the rights to the franchise, Megan Ellison must be pissed off right now. The Annapurna Films head likely paid somewhere around $20 million in an auction against Lionsgate and unless the plan is to move Terminator 5 along without Schwarzenegger's involvement, the production is likely going to be treading water for a long time. That said, this really is the right move as family should always come before career.

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