While he debated a Robocop remake that eventually fell apart, Darren Aronofsky opted for the smaller, New York City-based project Black Swan. Now it's ready for release, and Fox Searchlight has set the date for December 1.

Of course this will be a limited release at the outset, but hopefully the film will expand if word of mouth and reviews are good. Black Swan will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September, which gives the studio plenty of time to build buzz around stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis and the supposed “sexy” scene between the two. Calm down guys, I’m sure it’s artsy and tasteful.

Fox was polite enough to provide us a nice little run down of the film which you can check out below.

A psychological thriller set in the world of New York City ballet, Black Swan stars Natalie Portman as Nina, a featured dancer who finds herself locked in a web of competitive intrigue with a new rival at the company (Mila Kunis). Black Swan takes a thrilling and at times terrifying journey through the psyche of a young ballerina whose starring role as the duplicitous swan queen turns out to be a part for which she becomes frighteningly perfect.

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