Shortly after the show’s cancellation, Arrested Development movie rumors were plentiful. They’ve since dried up, after rather adamant denials from everyone who would have to be involved, and growing disinterest from the general public in a less-than popular, long-since cancelled television series. Well not so fast, maybe Arrested Development isn’t as dead as it seems.

The guys at the ReelzChannel recently tackled AD star Jason Bateman out promoting his new movie Juno and got him to reveal that an Arrested Development movie “is certainly on the table.” Whose table or which table or when table they don’t say, I mean really, “on the table” could mean anything. Does “on the table” just mean it’s his pie in the sky dream to do one, or does it mean that somewhere out there Hollywood moguls are actually plotting to make this thing? Hard to say.

Meanwhile, AD costar Michael Cera is also in Juno, and so they cornered him and claim they got him to admit he’d be up for an Arrested Development movie, though apparently he revealed no special knowledge of whether or not one is happening, which makes the whole Bateman thing a little shakier. Reelz says all this adds up to an Arrested Development movie being “very much a real possibility” but I’m not sure there’s enough here to warrant that kind of hope. But then I’m no Arrested Development fan. I’ll leave it up to you Bluthheads to judge for yourselves.

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