Russell Brand's remake of the Oscar-nominated Dudley Moore comedy Arthur hits theaters in the United States on April 8, and now a trailer has finally debuted at Yahoo!. You can watch it embedded below and get the first look at a whole lot of different things, from Brand driving the original 90s Batmobile on the streets of New York City to Helen Mirren as Arthur's nanny Hobson, who doesn't hesitate for a moment to don boxing gloves and punch him out when he deserves it. More discussion of the trailer below.

The strangest thing about this is that it totally downplays the fact that Arthur is a love story, between Brand's rich playboy character and a working class girl played by Greta Gerwig (and by Liza Minnelli in the original). From the looks of this trailer you'd think the entire movie is about Arthur resisting the advances of Jennifer Garner, bonding with Helen Mirren and eventually getting a job. My hunch is that Gerwig simply isn't famous enough to merit being featured in the trailer and they cut together a trailer that highlights Brits Mirren and Brand, plus recognizable Garner. It's a reasonable strategy, though I wonder if it's totally misleading about what the movie will turn out to be.

When this first went online at the Sun I assumed it was exclusively aimed for a UK audience, and that an American trailer might feature Gerwig a little more prominently-- I mean, at least a few people saw Greenberg, right? But the Yahoo! premiere means this might be the trailer we have, at least until a little closer to the release. In the meantime you can learn a lot more about Arthur in our reports from the set, including an interview with the under-appreciated Greta Gerwig. Look for a lot more promotional material-- and maybe some Gerwig footage after all-- as we get closer to the April 8 release.

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