As if being at the San Diego Comic Con and just breathing that atmosphere wouldn’t be enough, 20th century Fox is upping the game but not only showing exclusive footage of Robert Rodriguez’ Machete of a giant outdoor screen, but also by providing free tacos to anyone who shows up with a print out of the below poster.

And to top it all off, if you’re one of the first 100 people to show up, you get a limited Machete t-shirt, AND everyone there gets a free poster (presumably the one the invite is attached to) until they run out. It might be just that I’m kind of a fat guy, but they had me at free tacos.

If you’re out that way and make it to the event, look for CB’s own Katey, Eric, Kelly, and Pete around the exhibit hall and at events. For now, take a look at this poster/invite, print off a huge copy of it and get yourself some Mexican food and some face time with Mr. Rodriguez.

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