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Well, when Lorenzo di Bonaventura successfully optioned the rights to the Atari game Asteroids, you had to assume it wouldn't stop that. We've still yet to see a Pong movie in the works, but today we've gotten a step closer, as The Los Angeles Times reports that Missile Command will become a movie.

Being that it was an Atari game from the 80s, Missile Command has a fairly simple concept-- you shoot weapons at approaching weapons, all of them represented by squiggly lines and 8-bit pixel explosions. Fox and Peter Chernin will likely be the lucky winners of the property, but there's no word on exactly what they plan to do with it. Much as Peter Berg was effectively given a blank slate with Battleship, I imagine they can do pretty much whatever they want with the property. The LA Times dug up information that Missile Command takes place on an alien planet, defending the cities of Zardon from the invading Krytol army, but odds are pretty good they'll ignore that. Once again, a title vaguely remembered from your childhood will be used to promote a largely unrelated movie. God bless you, capitalism.

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