If you think you've been hearing rumors about an Atlas Shrugged movie your entire life, you might be right. The Ayn Rand novel has been considered for Hollywood adaptation for what THR's Risky Biz blog estimates to be 37 years, starting when Rand was still alive to fight over it in 1972. And while this has been said many many times before, and should be taken with a great grain of salt, heads up-- the movie may actually happen.

Well, "movie" in a loose sense of the word, since producers Howard and Karen Baldwin are thinking that a miniseries, not a feature, is the best way to adapt the 1000-plus page novel. And whlie Angelina Jolie's name has been attached to the project lately, it might be Charlize Theron who gets to play the main character, Dagny Taggart. Risky Biz says the miniseries would fulfill Theron's requirement that the movie stay true to the novel.

The miniseries would run on the newly created pay cable network Epix, which Lionsgate is starting with MGM and Viacom/Paramount. The Risky Biz article makes no mention of director Vadim Perelman, who, last we checked, was on board to direct. With so many details still fuzzy, it's hard to really expect that the movie will actually, finally get made. But if you've spent 37 years anxiously awaiting this, the wait may-- may!-- be getting close to ending.

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