Last night on my way into Avatar, my family and I passed a giant cardboard cutout ad for Alice in Wonderland, prompting my sister to first ask the name of the weird guy directing it-- Tim Burton-- and then if she knew anyone in the cast. She pegged Anne Hathaway pretty quickly, and my mom got Helena Bonham Carter, but that weird guy in the middle with the orange contacts stumped 'em all.

It's Johnny Depp, of course, for those of us who have been watching the marketing closely. But if you're curious about the image that fascinated my family so much, JoBlo has snagged it as a good old-fashioned jpeg file. It's basically all of the main characters attending the tea party, with the caterpillar hanging out creepily in the background. Obviously the image you see below isn't as wide as it gets, so click on it for a link to JoBlo's page with the full image. Merry early Christmas!

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