Is there a more nerd-tastic film coming our way in the coming years than Marvel’s action hero compendium The Avengers? Well, maybe Star Trek 2 has a bit nerdier a history, but comic fiends everywhere have been patiently waiting for years for the culmination of Marvel’s decades of hard work into one ultimate super hero extravaganza.

The Avengers has taken the next step towards production by setting a start date for February of next year, according to Super Hero Hype. Kenneth Branagh’s Thor as well as Joe Johnston’s Captain America will be wrapped and in post by then freeing up the extensive cast to focus all their efforts on Joss Whedon. The film will star what can only be described as a wet dream of great and/or upcoming actors: Robert Downey Jr. as the familiar Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Samuel L. Jackson as the pirate-esuqe Nick Fury, Scarlett Johannson as the spandexy Black Widow, and the mighty Chris Hemsworth as Thor, among many other supporters.

The Avengers will be hitting theaters May 4, 2012 which sadly is still just about two years away, but to hold us over we’ll be getting a rapid fire of comic adaptation in 2011 in the form of Thor in May followed by Captain America in July. That should be enough the keep the nerds at bay for another eight months or so after release. And if not... God help us.

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