This is either good news, or really bad news, for those of you fed up with being forced to see nearly every major blockbuster in 3D. Marvel’s summer 2012 superhero flick, The Avengers, is not being shot in 3D.

Originally we’d heard that the movie was indeed being shot in 3D, and the fact that Thor was post-converted to the format when it was released earlier this summer seemed to indicate that Marvel was leaning in a decidedly 3D direction. But Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner in the film and is currently on set, took to twitter today and said pretty definitively that “Avengers is not being shot in 3D.” Shortly thereafter he revealed that he’ll be naked in the movie, which makes the idea of the film not being in 3D, even more palatable.

Except, well, just because they aren’t shooting in 3D doesn’t mean the movie won’t be presented in 3D. Thor was post-convered into the format (poorly) and post-conversion is still cheaper and easier than actually going through all the trouble to shoot these things in 3D from the get-go. And though we’ve talked about it endlessly here on the site, and though savvy moviegoers know that post-conversion sucks, most moviegoers aren’t savvy and they just show up to pay extra money and sit through awful 3D regardless of how it looks. Avengers isn’t being shot in 3D, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be forced to watch it in 3D.

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