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Over the last several years, Disney has been hauling in the big bucks with live action remakes of their classic animated movies. Following on the heels of The Jungle Book, the next project in this particular lineup will be Beauty and the Beast, which released its first trailer on Monday. The teaser only clocked in at 90 seconds, but it provided an interesting look at the castle where much of the story will take place. However, when you compare it to its 1991 animated predecessor, the similarities are even more noticeable, making it clear that this is going to be a spookily accurate adaptation.

This video from Moviepilot paired footage from Disney’s original Beauty and the Beast movie next to the remake’s trailer, and the result was uncanny. The audio is strictly from the latter, but it works so well with the animated footage that if someone hadn't seen the live action teaser trailer, they might not have even noticed any inconsistencies. The bigger draw, though, is how closely the visuals from the remake match the animated movie. The castle, its massive towers, the candles on the chandelier, the slashed painting, all of it has been recreated with excellent accuracy or adapted appropriately for this new version. Arguably the most captivating pairing was of Belle discovering the Beast’s mystical rose, the thing that has cursed him and the rest of the castle’s inhabitants.

The only thing missing from the video was comparing how the castle’s magically transformed staff, like Lumiere and Cogsworth, will look like in the live action movie compared to their animated selves. Will the actors’ face be weirdly superimposed on whatever piece of furniture or household object their character is or will they have their own distinct features created solely in post-production? Regardless, this side-by-side creation shows all the attention to detail the Beauty and the Beast remake is devoting to honor the animated movie, while still providing its own unique feel. This video even caught the attention of the live action movie’s co-producer Jack Morrisey, who commented on the Facebook posting that he would show it to director Bill Condon.

On its own, the new Beauty and the Beast trailer has spread like wildfire across the internet, and it’s already secured its spot as the most watched trailer within the first 24 hours, surpassing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It will be a while until a new trailer is released, so be sure to pour over this teaser to your heart’s content. The movie’s cast includes Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as The Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, among many others.

Beauty and the Beast will enchant moviegoers on March 17, 2017.

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