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The one thing I got out of watching the worst of the Bond films, Die Another Day, was a new life goal to go to Sweden and stay at that rad IceHotel. Now we all have even more of a reason to head into the Arctic Circle as in anticipation of the release of TRON: Legacy the hotel has transformed one of their suites into a full-blown TRON-ified ice palace. You’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler place to stay (see what I did there?).

A crew had only 13 days to achieve the look by cutting grooves into the existing ice, inserting the energy efficient EL wire (electroluminescent wire), and then using water to freeze the lighting in place. The hundreds of feet of wiring can be powered by a few AA batteries for several hours, which means everyone should go green and redesign their home to be lit with this same wire. has a boatload of awesome pictures, so check out a few of them below and head over there for the rest. Seriously, just imagine waking up to that. Look out Sark! It’s me Flynn!

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