Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride are currently up in Grand Rapids, MI filming 30 Minutes or Less with director Ruben Fliesher, but it will not be the last film the two work together on. Speaking with MTV on the set, McBride revealed that he and Ansari will work together again in Olympic Size Asshole. As described by the actor, the film will be about an "Olympic athlete who comes back to his hometown and he bangs [McBride] and Aziz's girlfriends. So [they] go on this mission to destroy his Olympic life." The film is being produced by Rough House, which is the company co-owned by McBride, David Gordon Green and Jody Hill.

Ansari and McBride are easily two of the funniest actors working today and the idea of them teaming up for revenge sounds like a dream. The script is being written by Parks and Recreation writer Harris Wittels, but I have to wonder if he's even going to bother writing dialogue for the film. I have little doubt that any improvisation McBride and Ansari would wipe the floor with anything Wittels can come up with (that's not an insult- that's a fact). Too bad that the title has to go, though. It's probably going to be replaced with Olympic-Sized Schmuck or something equally lame.

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