What do you do if you are a staff writer on 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' and you suddenly have a bunch of free time on your hands? You sell your teen comedy script to a production company and try to be the next John Hughes. At least that’s what husband-wife writing team Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Creasey did. Variety says that Rouge Pictures bought the Creasey’s B.F.F. script.

For those of us born prior to 1992, the term “B.F.F.” means best friends forever. “Forever” in the under 14 set usually lasts about six months, but the movie covers the four years in the high school relationship of a nerdy guy and a popular girl and their inevitable coming together. Let me guess, his friends are Lord of the Rings fans and she dates a jerky athlete who treats her badly.

The Creaseys say that the project is similar to John Hughes’ teen comedies. Considering that Hughes hasn’t made said type of movie since 1987, either his influence is amazing or the level of quality in teen comedies in the last 20 years is pretty dismal. I’ll vote for the latter. This project sounds uninteresting to me, but the Creaseys also have Sydney White coming out next year. That’s a retelling of the Snow White story in the college greek system starring Amanda Bynes. I might keep one eye open for that and skip B.F.F.

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