I nerded out hardcore this summer when we learned that the Back to the Future trilogy would be making its way to Blu-Ray come October 26, the exact 25-year anniversary of Marty McFly's trip back in time. But that won't compare to what I'll look like on October 23 and 25, when AMC Theatres will be screening Back to the Future on 158 screens in over 40 American cities.

There's been a similar re-release rolled out in the UK over the last few months, but this is the first we've heard of an American version, and as the homeland of Hill Valley I have to say it's about damn time. There are some more details available at AMC's Script to Screen blog, but no list of yet of which cities and theaters will be showing the film. If you buy your ticket early, though, you'll receive a full-sized commemorative poster, and each theater will also be having giveaways prior to the movie.

As a lifelong Back to the Future fan born just a little too late to experience the films in theaters-- though if my parents truly loved me they could have taken me to Part 3-- I'm out of my mind excited to finally experience my favorite movie on the big screen. Yes, my role here at Cinema Blend is usually to not be the one geeking out like crazy, but sorry y'all, Back to the Future is my weakness. I will be there on October 23 with any friends brave enough to join me and hopefully sing along to "Johnny B. Goode" and "Earth Angel." Who's with me?!

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