Bryan Cranston in Total Recall
Since becoming a pop culture phenomenon in his own right as Walter White on Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has stuck mostly to supporting roles on screen, apparently unwilling to dig deep into a new character with Heisenberg still living in his brain (we can't blame him, really). And while many of his choices, like Argo and Drive and Contagion, have been good, a few others are more mysterious, and none as embarrassing as the totally unnecessary Total Recall remake. Casting Cranston as a villain in a sci-fi movie? Great idea! Casting Cranston in a movie as dull and chaotic and wasteful of his talents as Total Recall? Shameful. Cranston had no trouble shrugging it off, though, with the final season of Breaking Bad airing immediately after this disaster hit theaters. And now that the series is over, he'll have no trouble finding better, bigger roles to wipe this one from our consciousness entirely.

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