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He’s going to be part of one of the biggest movies of the year, but Eric Bana is a modest guy. When asked earlier this month about his role as Nero in the upcoming Star Trek, as Josh reported, he claimed the part would just be a cameo. But at a press junket in New York today for the upcoming The Other Boleyn Girl, he clarified that he may have underestimated himself a little bit.

When asked by a journalist if Nero would in fact be the main villain, Bana said, ”I guess he kind of is.” Bana went on to explain that compared to other roles he’s done, like the Hulk in The Hulk or Hector in Troy, Nero is a smaller part. “It’s not one of those roles where you’re carrying the movie. I feel like I’m very much in a supporting role.

He also said that he had been a fan of the original Star Trek series as a kid, but it was his friendship with director J.J. Abrams and Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman’s script that convinced him to sign on. “Even if I was crazy about the original series that wouldn’t have been enough to make me sign on to a film I didn’t want to do. I read the script and I went, ‘That is an awesome script.’ It was a very easy decision.”

So fear not, Trekkies! The badass who avenged Israel in Munich and battled with Brad Pitt in Ancient Greece will certainly give Captains Kirk and Spock a run for their money in Star Trek. Bana hasn’t started work on the Star Trek set yet, even though filming has already begun, so we at least know he’s not in every shot. But, if Nero’s the main villain, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be getting plenty of Bana.

Check back here later this week for more of our press conference with Eric Bana, in which he talks about what it takes to be as sexy as Henry VIII and how to stay a happily married man when you’ve got Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson as co-stars (and you thought getting a part in Star Trek was lucky).

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