All the way back on Monday, I posted an on-set interview with producer Marc Abraham for the upcoming prequel to The Thing. Of the many topics we discussed, one that featured heavily was the matter of the title. In the everlasting battle between name-recognition and clarity, the title of the prequel has been the source of heartburn for both fans and filmmakers. By giving it the same title it sounds like a remake, but giving it a tag-line like The Thing: Beginnings is too goofy for words. Now there's no going back.

Touring around the Jacob K. Javits Center at this year's New York Comic Con, io9 spotted and snapped a photo of a new banner for the film that not only confirms that they are sticking with the title, but provides a new tagline: "Before it was unleashed, it was discovered." While the name is still going to confuse a lot of people, hopefully the tag will clear some things up.

Check out the banner below or full-size over at io9.

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