Oh the hoops the Hollywood machine is willing to jump through to avoid coming up with their own ideas. Entertainment Weekly reported earlier today that the defunct Barbarella remake may see the light of day after all. Producer Dino DeLaurentiis has decided pursue the project with a new director after Robert Rodriguez abandoned the project in lieu of filming overseas. DeLaurentiis already found a replacement for Rodriguez, Legally Blonde and 21 director Robert Luketic, but there is no word on whether Rose McGowan will still star as the titular heroine. My guess is not likely, since her relationship with Rodriguez was one of the more controversial elements of the pre-production hubbub surrounding the first attempt at making this movie.

Fans are probably now rejoicing about the possible absence of McGowan in the remake, but say what you will about her, she does posses a sort of intriguing badness that works well for campy B-movies (or A movies masquerading as B movies), even if nobody sees them. And Rodriguez probably would have brought more to this film than Luketic, whose movies range from guilty pleasure (Legally Blonde) to just plain guilty (Monster in Law). McGowan or no McGowan, I don’t think this new go at Barbarella is anyone’s idea of ideal, but hey, I’ve been surprised before.

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