Barry Levinson hit a bit of a slump in his career starting in the late 90s, the director of Rain Man and Wag the Dog moving on to nonsense like Man of the Year and What Just Happened. But he seemed to regain some kind of mojo with last year's TV movie You Don't Know Jack, which not only got a rare late-career Al Pacino performance that was actually worth watching, but told an insightful story about a man many of us already thought we understood, "Dr. Death" Jack Kevorkian. As a result I'm officially interested in whatever Levinson wants to bring us next, and it looks like that project may be coming even sooner than we'd thought.

As reported by Variety Levinson is now in talks to direct Gotti: Three Generations, the mob family biopic that was abandoned by director Nick Cassavetes just a week after he and the producers held a splashy New York City press conference announcing the project's existence. John Travolta is still set to play John Gotti Jr., the head of the expansive crime family, and Joe Pesci is on board to to play his right-hand man Angelo Ruggiero. Lindsay Lohan, after much back and forth, will play the wife of John Gotti Jr., a central character in the film who has yet to be cast. Production is set to start in the fall for Fiore Films.

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