WIth their infinite access to stars and sets and all that, MTV has started a new behind-the-scenes movie show called Behind the Screen, in which they visit sets and get exclusive clips and all that stuff that makes us jealous. Kicking things off, they've got a clip from Inglourious Basterds, the new Quentin Tarantino that failed to light the world on fire at Cannes, but remains hotly anticipated by pretty much everyone.

The scene is a slightly different version of one we posted a little while ago, actually giving you the payoff of seeing Donnie Donowitz take a bat to the skull of a Nazi. Check it all out in the clip below, which is followed by two clips from an interview with Roth. This clip and those we've posted before are probably just the beginning of what will be a flood of Inglourious Basterds clips before the movie's August release.

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