Michael Fassbender is a pretty busy guy these days. He’s followed up his turn as a British spy in Inglourious Basterds, with a lead in this summer’s Centurion and a role in Jonah Hex. Now, according to ScreenDaily, Fassbender has landed another starring role. He’ll play a poacher on the run in the thriller A Single Shot.

In the David Jacobsen (Down in the Valley)-directed flick, Fassbender will play John Moon, an illegal hunter who mistakenly shoots a teenage girl in the woods. The girl just happens to have $100K on her at the time. Moon finds himself on the run from the money’s true owners, a group of backwoods killers led by Waylon (Thomas Hayden Church). Sounds like No Country for Old Men, but more uplifting.

It’s clear Fassbender’s star has turned in the right direction after his brief, but scene-stealing role in Basterds. He’ll begin peppering the big screen with high profile movies and is currently filming Jane Eyre.

The film is based on the Matthew F. Jones novel of the same name, and Jones adapted the novel for the big screen. Shooting for A Single Shot will begin this summer.

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